No matter what your age, Phoenix has a program for you!

This young man works out, and it shows on the field!

Our rehabilitation programs are among the best in the area.

Phoenix is a great place to get a workout in on your own.

All the hard work pays off when it is time to perform.


Welcome to Phoenix Physical & Aquatic Therapy

Phoenix Physical & Aquatic Therapy is a state-of-the-art, out-patient facility in Denver, NC. We specialize in physical therapy, sports performance/training, and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Phoenix also features heath care professionals and sports performance coaches that are certified by the Titleist Golf Institute (TPI).


Our goal for you as a therapy client is to improve your overall quality of life. We want not only to resolve your physical limitations and/or pain but to prevent the injury from ever returning. We want you to return to work, sports or your daily life in better shape than before the injury occurred.

Our expert staff of Doctors of Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Exercise Physiologist(s), Senior Strength and Conditioning Specialists, and Athletic Trainers are here to provide you with the ultimate healthcare experience. Additionally, each patient at Phoenix is given a free one month gym membership to maximize their time at therapy and perform given home exercise programs (HEP) in a controlled and safe environment.

We encourage you to plan a visit to Phoenix Physical and Aquatic Therapy and see what we can do for you!

Experiencing an injury or having an orthopedic surgical procedure? Ask your physician to send you to Phoenix for simply the best care from the best physical therapists in the Lake Norman, Denver and Huntersville, NC area!.